Friday, January 21, 2011

Theme Thursday ; flip

Flip flip flip the coin flipped face and back time after another
 , it reached it's ultimate hight , it seemed to freeze for a second
, it went down flipping faster and faster ,
 good and bad , days come and go ,
 flip flip flip
, like a coin , problems and nice surprises ,
people lost and new bonds made ,
 flip flip flip ,
 we flip through this space of time ,
but the question is are heading up while we flip , or accelerating downwards?
keep looking up ,
 keep heading up ,
 even if today you have bit on head and the coin flipped to tail ,
 don't lose sight of the big picture ,
 the point you want to reach
, don't say it's faith ,
we get to choose our goals faith just draws the path to them . 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Fun Thought ; a Fun Recipe

Sometimes eating healthy food can be boring , but we all have to do it so i had a fun thought to try with the most boring healthy breakfast oatmeal , it doesn't have to be without any flavor you can spice it up , easy and healthy mouthwatering oatmeal , here are tow recipes :
1- Chocolate oatmeal : it's known that a little dark chocolate is very good for you , it lefts up your mood and helps prevent heart disease , all you need is you oatmeal and some skimmed milk some cocoa powder and dark semisweet chocolate chips , heat up your skimmed milk to a boiling point then add your cocoa powder , your can add some honey for sweetness or a bit of crushed nuts (hazelnut is my Favorite ) for essential fats , then stir in your oatmeal , when it's done garnish your bowl with a table spoon of those dark chocolate chips , yummmmm .

2- Apple pie oatmeal : who doesn't like apple pie ? , will you need a green apple pealed and finely chopped , skimmed milk and oatmeal of course , some honey and some grinned Cinnamon or as a stick , boil your milk and then add a tea spoon of cinnamon and a table spoon of honey and your apple then add your oatmeal , when ready you can garnish with an extra sprinkle of cinnamon on top .

THINK FUN and try out other flavors with oatmeal or other ways to make your healthy boring meals extra yummmmy!   

Thursday, January 13, 2011

theme Thursday : JUMP!

JUMP get up now off te computer and jump try it close your eyes imagine that your gonna fly if you jump high enough get some one to do it with u , how much better would it be , when we feel blue and down if instead of dramatical waterworks we jumped and jumped until we are breathless and laughing with this sheer childish joy , now if you excuse me i'm gonna JUMP! a couple of times JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! the  blues away ! 
:)  :)  :)  :)  :) 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Easy A

We watched a movie today , our first movie to watch together , it was on his laptop in the shop a movie right out of his laptop bag nothing planned for , Easy A that's the title , it couldn't have been a better choice a smart funny romantic realistic comedy , with some love scenes to hold hands while watching , it was a really good fun recommended for every one as a movie for a date night :) very happy tonight

Sunday, January 9, 2011

what do i want?

what do i want? what does any one want? to be happy right? will would think so , then wy do i want to suffer why do i shred my heart to peaces ? why don't i love my self ? why don't i choose to make my self happy , smile , laugh , and walk away from the things that bring pain to my life , if only things where tis simple hhhhhhh , i can only wish , but who can go back to being blind after he has seen the light even if it gives him a headache? even a migran? had he never seen the light he wouldn't miss it as much he can be happy being blind but the task is much harder for those who have seen the light , his love is like a drug , i'm killing my self with it slowly and i know it , i say i'll quit in a year or tow not now , but i'm really just kidding my self , i don't know how to stop this pain , it's killing me and i want to be happy but i don't know how , how do i become blind again? how do i stop this migrane ? what would be less miserable staying in a relation ship with him while loving him and knowing he doesn't love me , or walking away and loving him from a distance? and is there another way? away to  be happy just simply happy oh god how lonely love can be , my mind is tired and so is my heart , what should i do???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? i don't want to cry any more , please god tell me how do i stop this pain  !

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Theme Thursday : Stairs : MOVE!

Standing on this huge staircase , staircases you have climbed and one's yet to come hide behind the corners , stairs are so wide that you can never see there side ends , and more people than you know are running up and down those stairs , some hold your hand going up and others got your back when your about to fall , there are also of course those who try to push you down with them and pull you back trying to move up , people you have passed staircases away suddenly are there next to you and others that you looked up to and tried to follow pass you when they're falling down , put your feet steadily one at a time , keep your head up high and look forward to the next set of stairs , although you might have people with you for a good time of your climb you really are on your own so don't wait for any one to push you up you be your own best friend , amazing and mighty are the stairs of life .

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just Tired

You know  that a fight or an argument is stupid and is fueled by feelings irrelevant to the subject of the fight when you can't remember what it was about in the first place or how it even started , and at some point you have to accept that some problems you can't solve you just have to try to ignore them and minimize there effect on your life , love and death or tow of the few absolutes in life , and the pain that death or love from one side is like AIDS it's incurable , but you can learn to live with it , and at some point you have to really accept that and stop repeating words and realizing in the middle of an argument that your making a rerun out of your life , I'm tired of fighting and I have to accept the fact that he will never love me and try to make the best out of the time that i have left with him .

Old Baggage
It's odd how long we carry unnecessary burdens around . hoping that time will heal us! . time heals nothing we have to gather the courage to look at our infected and neglected wounds and care for them and work to heal them . we both had difficult childhoods , I have a very bad father , he has hurt me and my family a lot , and though i still live with him i'm emotionally disconnected from him so can't really hurt me  a lot now .but i had carried the huge pain and many insecurities with me from that relation ship , my inner dialog is self destructive and   I realize that i have to change that , being a victim is a choice and I should choose to be victorious instead , i should take matters in my hand and care more for my self . I learned that from him , can you see why I love him so much ?      

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Theme Thursday : maps ; the map of my world

We all live in the same world yet our perception of it is so diverse from one person to another , you can almost say that your perception of the world "your world " is the truest reflection of your mind , so if I had to draw a map for my world ; for any one that has to instantly be in my shoes not to be lost in my world I guess this is how it would look like :