Saturday, June 11, 2011

Theme Thursday : SPAM

shek , trik , tshek
what's that noise
is it real
or am i paranoid
maybe i'm monitored
no way to avoid
signs with Add's that you can't not see
and your mind is being destroyed
camera's every were
now i'm no Froid
but i am getting aware
 that spam is getting to be
more than a  software
our walls are paper thin
and privacy is no where
so do we run away
go to isolation?
or shall we stay
in the loneliness of this crowded world
to the cyber space we convey
we accept this world
we ignore the fact
that we are getting spammed
act like those eyes aren't there
now i dn't want to be paranoid
and i'm sure the line isn't tapped
but this i know for a fact
my world is too easily spammed

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