Thursday, June 16, 2011

TT ; Brick

in the absence of doubt
dreams flourish
we plant roses in the ashes
we grow trees of thin air
we celebrate fake triumphs
we are hopeful
we want to love
we want to be loved
we want to dream
to believe the lie
we ask people to lie to us
then we wake up and face reality
we hit a brick wall
and all we've built
finely designed dreams
high walls
with big bricks
of thin air
in the absence of doubt dreams flourish
and in the presence of it , reality hits ...



  1. It must be difficult, living in a brick prison, unable to show your true self openly.

  2. Powerful... especially the ending!

  3. Very provocative piece... to shed these walls, brick by brick, and open ourselves to the reality of everything and everyone, scary, but well worth the efforts!

  4. "...Big bricks of thin air..." What an amazing visual with so much impact. What a wonderful, thoughtful bit of verse. I'll be thinking about this all day.

  5. @ meri you are right , but then again that's the great thing about love it make trust at least one person to break that prison to him :)

  6. @ Laurie , Steve , upinthecosmos , karen , reflicions thx all for your words and support :)