Sunday, August 14, 2011

حكايا روان: بيروت 75 - لـ غادة السمان

التحليل مشوق لاني اقرا الرواية , في نسخة الكترونية منها عالنت؟

حكايا روان: حُب أون لاين

واو رهيبة ماشاءالله مبدعة

Saturday, August 13, 2011

words fail

words fail
to capture my heart
words fall short
to tell how I feel
no language has in it's vocabulary
a word that would unveil my soul
how lonely and suffocating this is
caged in my state of feeling
so sad depressed optimistic afraid loving lonely and much more
you touch my hand
you ask what's wrong
I look in your eyes
and as words have failed me
I need you to understand with out words
to reach to my heart to see into my soul
to break me out of this prison
but as words you fail
so inside my prison I cry
smiling on the out side
"It's ok , I'm ok " I say
for there are no other words to say

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

cheese cake pie

ready to use chilled pie crust
Philadelphia cheese tow packs
fine sugar
lemon jello
fresh cream.

spread the crust , then put in a buttered baking pan and bake until golden colored , about 15 mins in medium  heat .
beat 1/4 cup of cream , add 3 tb. spoons of sugar , on table spoon dissolved lemon jello , the cheese .
in a heated pan put a handful of berry's , 4 tb. spoons of sugar , 4 tb.spoons water , 1 tb. spoon lemon jello , when the mix boils let reduce to it's half on low heat .
spread the cream and cheese mix on the chilled baked crust , top with fresh berry's then power the chilled reduced berry's on top .

cherry iced tea

black tea , a handful of cherry's , sugar , lemon juice , ice , strawberry syrup 
boil water 1L in a pot ,  cut in half and seed the cherry's , add to water and let boil , when cherry's are very soft , put a fork in and crush them , add one spoon of sugar ,let boil ,turn the heat off , put in the tea , stirr and let sit until it's cooled to room temperature . then take the liquid only , add tow spoons of syrup , 1/2 spoon of lemon juice , ice . blend the mixture very well in the blender until the ice is crushed , power and garnish with fresh cherry's .   

fun fast and yummy

chicken salad :
1 rare  (not ripe ) pear
chicken breast dissed
1/2 green tomato
1/2 tomato
1 cup of cut Brusselsprouts  
1/2 cup of dissed belly pipers three colors
 basil , mint , tine , curry powder , lemon juice , mayonnaise , salt

in a hot pane , heat some oil , put in tea spoon of  crushed garlic , a pinch of crushed dried tine , basil , some salt and some chili pepper , a pinch of cinnamon .
put in the chicken , stir tell well done .
cut in half then finely slice the tomato's and the pear then mix ,
mix in the brussel sprouts , the belly peppers , and after it's chilled the chicken .
in a bowel add tow spoons of mayo to tow spoons of lemon juice and mix with salt and basil and mint and tine and curry powder . mix with the dressing . top with toasted bread crumbs .
use some stale bread dissed , add salt and some seasoning , toast in the oven .
you may add sliced black olives .