Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Theme Thursday ; Paper

oh dear friend
Paper of this book behold my modest gift
I give you my joy and tears
I give you my soul
and I give you
the ticks of the clock
and the noise of the street
I give you the recipe of me
words that dare not depart from my mouth
I teach you
secrets un_known to this world
I  confine in you
the scent of you
is my drug of truth
all is revealed
all masks are dropped
and I stand naked before you
so behold my modest gift
my greatest burden
with no allure  

Saturday, March 19, 2011

TT ; Luck

We put lights in the dark
and put shades in the day
we try to make the universe
to be driven  and obey
we control every thing
because we fear our weakness
we try to light a fire of wisdom
to scare away the darkness
we want to think we know all
and we dread our imperfection
our lack of absolute control 
we draw hangers in our minds
to hang our failures upon
when the world to our dreams hasn't been kind
the same world we claim to control
we don't have to rule
that is not our role
but we have to believe that in the hands of luck
we are more than a dumb doll
so never say it's bad luck
you get to choose your goals
faith just draws the path towards them 
and accept the things that you can't control 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


love ....
the un_answered truth
it's not a question
not a puzzle
in many shapes and faces it comes
sneaks upon us in a moment of death
shocks life back in us
and underneath all it's masks lies your face
all it's seasons are filled with the scent  of you
I fill to sleep and in my dream i saw
that i forgot you
my mind was no longer to draw
your face
in the space
of matter and time
I dreamed i wished no longer you were mine
I dreamed that I forgot
But I had not
and the reality of your love
came shining into my dream
blurring with it's bright light
all other imaginary delight
of freedom
in between the reality of your love
and the dream of you

I catch my self 
as the sun breaks dawn
indulging in you

in between each lame story
your story is retold through and through
every tear is dropped
every smile is smiled
all relived
through and through
and one un_answered truth is left
I love you ....

Friday, March 11, 2011

Theme Thursday : Space ....

After  once believing the moon was a god 
we now have been walking for years 
on this round chunk of cheese
into the space we traveled abroad
many of our questions've been put to ease 
and still we can't stop the tears
we do think that we play  god
but all we've known is but a tease
for the real knowledge that's abandoned our ears
those questions that we face with a careless nod
hiding the reality of our fears
for we know a lot but we know not to stop our tears