Tuesday, March 15, 2011


love ....
the un_answered truth
it's not a question
not a puzzle
in many shapes and faces it comes
sneaks upon us in a moment of death
shocks life back in us
and underneath all it's masks lies your face
all it's seasons are filled with the scent  of you
I fill to sleep and in my dream i saw
that i forgot you
my mind was no longer to draw
your face
in the space
of matter and time
I dreamed i wished no longer you were mine
I dreamed that I forgot
But I had not
and the reality of your love
came shining into my dream
blurring with it's bright light
all other imaginary delight
of freedom
in between the reality of your love
and the dream of you

I catch my self 
as the sun breaks dawn
indulging in you

in between each lame story
your story is retold through and through
every tear is dropped
every smile is smiled
all relived
through and through
and one un_answered truth is left
I love you ....

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