Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Theme Thursday ; Paper

oh dear friend
Paper of this book behold my modest gift
I give you my joy and tears
I give you my soul
and I give you
the ticks of the clock
and the noise of the street
I give you the recipe of me
words that dare not depart from my mouth
I teach you
secrets un_known to this world
I  confine in you
the scent of you
is my drug of truth
all is revealed
all masks are dropped
and I stand naked before you
so behold my modest gift
my greatest burden
with no allure  


  1. hi =)
    thanks for stopping by,
    and for commenting.

  2. The power of print!

  3. That's a beautiful poem. You have a good relationship with paper. To me, it's daunting and a little scary!


  4. We who write do leave our imprint on paper, even if we don't send our words hurling into the ether for public consumption. How sad that your love is closeted!

  5. Paper can leave such a story behind to those who find it. Great poem.

  6. thx for you all , @chrisd it's a bit scary for me too as the truth always is , when u write your with your self and you can't lie , because then you read your lies , @ meri we who write admire co_writers as you , very will said , @ christine thx alot for your comment .

  7. Paper, pages, words or art covering the space of our beings... Wonderful reminder.

  8. @jingle thx alot , @ Reflections very will said they are indeed , thx for stopping by .

  9. Writing is a whole other level, and you've conveyed it beautifully :)

  10. Very deep. Is the greatest gift you are giving ~ yourself?

  11. yes the true reflection of me ,very smart note , thx for ur support :)