Friday, March 11, 2011

Theme Thursday : Space ....

After  once believing the moon was a god 
we now have been walking for years 
on this round chunk of cheese
into the space we traveled abroad
many of our questions've been put to ease 
and still we can't stop the tears
we do think that we play  god
but all we've known is but a tease
for the real knowledge that's abandoned our ears
those questions that we face with a careless nod
hiding the reality of our fears
for we know a lot but we know not to stop our tears



  1. Solid work, good flow/word choices. =)

  2. Nicely done, this one got me thinking. Great use of the theme. :)

  3. not stop out tears,
    hiding our fears.

    authentic emotions, lovely take on the prompt.

  4. this is a brilliant poem.

    hope to see you share...