Wednesday, August 3, 2011

fun fast and yummy

chicken salad :
1 rare  (not ripe ) pear
chicken breast dissed
1/2 green tomato
1/2 tomato
1 cup of cut Brusselsprouts  
1/2 cup of dissed belly pipers three colors
 basil , mint , tine , curry powder , lemon juice , mayonnaise , salt

in a hot pane , heat some oil , put in tea spoon of  crushed garlic , a pinch of crushed dried tine , basil , some salt and some chili pepper , a pinch of cinnamon .
put in the chicken , stir tell well done .
cut in half then finely slice the tomato's and the pear then mix ,
mix in the brussel sprouts , the belly peppers , and after it's chilled the chicken .
in a bowel add tow spoons of mayo to tow spoons of lemon juice and mix with salt and basil and mint and tine and curry powder . mix with the dressing . top with toasted bread crumbs .
use some stale bread dissed , add salt and some seasoning , toast in the oven .
you may add sliced black olives . 

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