Tuesday, February 1, 2011

a fun recipe : tuna salad

wanna have a nice mouthwatering healthy quick easy to do lunch ! or do have to bring some food to some event your a part of , will one thing for sure this tuna salad is an easy smash hit every time

you'll need:
a red , green and yellow sweet pepper
cinnamon powder
Sesame  juice ; a thick liquid that you can find in oriental section
soy sauce
a small Onion
whole wheat bread
tuna , canned or roasted fillet
some canned or frozen corn
a lemon
fresh or dried oregano
mint leaves
 preparation :
if you have your tuna as a fillet then season it with salt and pepper and put it in a heated pan with some olive oil , seven to ten minutes on each side .
finely chop your veggies 
mix to together tow table spoons of  vinegar with three table spoons of the sesame juice with a couple of table spoons of soy sauce , and the juice of one lemon , finely chop a handful of mint and add to the mix , with some crushed oregano , add a table spoon of  Cary , a tea spoon of Cinnamon , tow table spoons of yogurt , your veggies and your defrosted corn .
if your tuna is a fillet chop it to byte size pieces , then mix it all together
serve in a bowl , on top of some toasted whole grain bread
garnish with a drizzle of sesame juice , some mint leaves .

Bon appetit!

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