Friday, January 21, 2011

Theme Thursday ; flip

Flip flip flip the coin flipped face and back time after another
 , it reached it's ultimate hight , it seemed to freeze for a second
, it went down flipping faster and faster ,
 good and bad , days come and go ,
 flip flip flip
, like a coin , problems and nice surprises ,
people lost and new bonds made ,
 flip flip flip ,
 we flip through this space of time ,
but the question is are heading up while we flip , or accelerating downwards?
keep looking up ,
 keep heading up ,
 even if today you have bit on head and the coin flipped to tail ,
 don't lose sight of the big picture ,
 the point you want to reach
, don't say it's faith ,
we get to choose our goals faith just draws the path to them . 

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