Saturday, January 8, 2011

Theme Thursday : Stairs : MOVE!

Standing on this huge staircase , staircases you have climbed and one's yet to come hide behind the corners , stairs are so wide that you can never see there side ends , and more people than you know are running up and down those stairs , some hold your hand going up and others got your back when your about to fall , there are also of course those who try to push you down with them and pull you back trying to move up , people you have passed staircases away suddenly are there next to you and others that you looked up to and tried to follow pass you when they're falling down , put your feet steadily one at a time , keep your head up high and look forward to the next set of stairs , although you might have people with you for a good time of your climb you really are on your own so don't wait for any one to push you up you be your own best friend , amazing and mighty are the stairs of life .