Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Fun Thought ; a Fun Recipe

Sometimes eating healthy food can be boring , but we all have to do it so i had a fun thought to try with the most boring healthy breakfast oatmeal , it doesn't have to be without any flavor you can spice it up , easy and healthy mouthwatering oatmeal , here are tow recipes :
1- Chocolate oatmeal : it's known that a little dark chocolate is very good for you , it lefts up your mood and helps prevent heart disease , all you need is you oatmeal and some skimmed milk some cocoa powder and dark semisweet chocolate chips , heat up your skimmed milk to a boiling point then add your cocoa powder , your can add some honey for sweetness or a bit of crushed nuts (hazelnut is my Favorite ) for essential fats , then stir in your oatmeal , when it's done garnish your bowl with a table spoon of those dark chocolate chips , yummmmm .

2- Apple pie oatmeal : who doesn't like apple pie ? , will you need a green apple pealed and finely chopped , skimmed milk and oatmeal of course , some honey and some grinned Cinnamon or as a stick , boil your milk and then add a tea spoon of cinnamon and a table spoon of honey and your apple then add your oatmeal , when ready you can garnish with an extra sprinkle of cinnamon on top .

THINK FUN and try out other flavors with oatmeal or other ways to make your healthy boring meals extra yummmmy!   


  1. thx alot , more recipes to come :) hope you stay in touch cause i really like your blog :)