Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the beginning

In a land of no gay tolerance we as homosexuals have to suffer , it is inevitable and that simple truth alone is    enough sadness on any heart , as the lake of hope or any belief in the possibility of improvement in ones life is all by it self a major illness of the soul ,let alone  the need to live in secret , deny a major part of your self .
an even much larger problem   is that when you find some one that understands you and is just the answer to all your wishes and dreams , but he's a realistic that wants to please his family at the end and get married , and so his secret gay life is short and temporary  and there for his heart is closed against love as a protection  against heart break , and when you know all that from the get go and still you fall in love with him , this is me! I wouldn't want to be in my shoes ! 

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