Saturday, December 18, 2010

An on going process .

Ask a drug addict , or a regular alcohol abuser , or a grieving father , what they do with the pain from being in those situations ; they'll all till you , it's never really gone , and you can't rest at how better you have become , it's always an on going process of learning how to live your life best with the pain , to try to minimize it's effect on other aspects of your life , and to express it when you just have to , in non_self_destructive  ways , for me this blog is one of those ways .
Here i would like to thank my first followers and every one who cared to read or comment  on any article in this blog .
My on going process :
One of the hardest commitments you can make is not love , but it is being in love with some one , being with that person every day , and keeping that love to your self ; not even a word . slowly i'm trying to do this . intimacy was hard the first time after that argument we had  , but then as advised by a friend i started to think of that act as saying i love you , without making the other person who doesn't want to hear it freak out , laughs and jokes and kisses started to come back , some moments pass when i'm with him when i feel the pain , but mostly it's when i'm alone , and that's all that matters to me right now , is to make the best of the time that i have with him , and leave the pain tell the time comes and i'm left alone , then i would regret it if i didn't make the most of my time with him .

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