Sunday, December 26, 2010

It is what It is

He believes in gay marriage !
For some one who goes into a relationship refusing to open up his heart for the possibility of love , as he sees no stability in such a secret gay relation ship , and he sees such a relation ship doomed to end there for any chance of falling in love may lead to a broken heart , For some one like that you wouldn't expect him to believe in gay marriage . but he does , he even says that if it was both legal and socially accepted here that he would think of me!
i wish i could just hold his hand look him in the eye and let him know how much i love him and that he would never ever get hurt by me , and i would say to him " i appeal the verdict of cruelness against my love , i appeal to a heart that has loved before and i hope that the suffering of this foolish heart would arsenate mercy in a fellow victim of my illness , i appeal the power of law and Falk over my heart  , and raise a wonderment about the reason that prohibits stability from raising on the solid ground of love , love that will survive secrecy and that never needed an assuring paper of marriage , my love for him is one of the very few things that i am sure of in this world " . i wish i could say that Oh god how i wish he would open up his heart for me , i wish and i fear that i'll spend my whole life wishing and hoping and aching in pain i fear the days to come without him , i am so afraid that my hands get cold by thinking these thoughts i never knew that love can be so lonely .

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