Thursday, December 16, 2010

a magical world

Do you remember the feeling you imagined that Alladin felt when he walks in one of those grand castles in cartoons when you where a kid ? , that's how it felt like walking further into this man's world , every thing about him has a special touch , i asked him what are the things he loved the most when i first met him online , " there is a woman " he said " that i can't live without , she is my life , that would be my mom " , that just touched me , his Independence ,  his confidence ,  cockyness   , style , sweetness , roughness , fragility , kindness , jealousy , his eyes , his smile , the hard past that he had and the strength he got from it , the places he took me , the things he did , every thing about him was just perfect , i was mesmerizer , i kept waiting for him to realize that he can do better than me , i kept waiting for the dream to end , but it didn't , i was falling and falling deep deep in ......  

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