Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thank God for a sour throat !

It's Christmas time , things are crazy in the chocolate shop , I'm so tired , and to top it all my friend who was gone to Germany for college came back , he's one of my best friends but isn't so understanding when I don't have time to just hang out every day , then it came , A sour throat with  a fever , my ticket for some rest .

Things are deferent now :
My hubby and my friends where at the shop with me at the same time , he has been very understanding about me not being able to spend much time with him , he listened to me bitch about how busy I am for hours even though he works much harder than me , and so when they where all in the shop it was weird because they didn't know each other , and my friends wanted me to go out for a spin with them , it was impolite of the them to run him off like that and i needed to make them understand that things are not the same and that this person is here in my life to stay whether they liked it or not , I spent my night shivering and feeling guilty about that poor guy that i had just made sad , and he doesn't deserve that at all , he's so kind and caring , he even got me an early Christmas gift the other day , I miss him so much . hope i get to see him tonight .

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